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The service life of Shanghai SFFILTECH high efficiency filter?

2022-12-02 Page view : 266 views

For the operating clean room, the value of the end-HEPA filter is not high, the total may be less than a few hours of user output, but the risk and overhead costs of replacing the end-HEPA filter will be high. Stop production when replacing the filter, and the loss can only be calculated by the owner

The loss is certainly higher than the cost of spare parts for the filter. Replacing HEPA filters is a very careful operation. Anything in the clean room can be expensive, and the loss of damaging one component may be higher than the cost of the whole filter. After replacing the filter, it is necessary to be tested by professionals, and sometimes to debug the air conditioning system, and to go through a period of trial operation. The cost of testing, commissioning and commissioning, combined, can be as high as the price of the filter. Smart owners want to extend the life of HEPA filters as long as possible, not to save the filter money, but to avoid the hassle of replacing the filter.

To prolong the service life of HEPA filter, the most fundamental way is to keep the dust in the pre-filter. Replacement of pre-filter generally do not need to stop production, no commissioning, so experienced owners will spend attention and money on pre-filter and protection level intermediate filter. For 10K grade and 100K grade clean workshop, G4 is selected for pre-filtration and F8 air filter is selected for intermediate filtration (colorimetric method 95%). In this way, the service life of the terminal HEPA filter can generally reach 5 years. In foreign projects and domestic new projects, F8 filter is the most common pre-filter for non-uniform flow clean rooms.

In some cases, the service life of HEPA filters is not due to the consideration of resistance, but other factors. If there is hydrofluoric acid in the workshop and the air conditioning in the workshop is not a full fresh air system, the glass fiber filter paper in the HEPA filter will be corroded by the return air. For safety, the HEPA filter must be replaced regularly. In some large factories, the HEPA filter is replaced every year after the rainy season to prevent any possible mold contamination on the filter. Some biology LABS and LABS that work with hazardous materials require new HEPA filters to be reliable before starting a new, important project.

Shanghai SFFILTECH high efficiency filter manufacturer Replacement cycle:

The primary effect filter is generally replaced once every 2-3 months, and the medium effect filter is replaced once every half a year, so that the life of the HEPA filter can generally be more than 2 years;

But in order to protect the use of high-grade filters and ensure the safe operation of clean rooms, many smart owners replace the primary effect every month, and replace the middle effect and sub-high efficiency every 3 months (or the end of the air cabinet as described above uses high-efficiency protection filters).

This can ensure the high efficiency filter more than 5 years (or even 10 years) of service life, and because the replacement of the new filter resistance is small, the air conditioning load is greatly reduced, and the filter replacement cost is far less than the air conditioning operation required electricity, frequent replacement of the pre-filter is actually the air conditioning in low resistance load operation, saving a lot of electricity.