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  • 28/10/2022
    Filter Knowledge?

    Air filter is the core equipment of air conditioning purification system, filter resistance to air, with the increase of filter dust, filter resistance will increase. When the filter dust is too much, the resistance is too high, will make the filter through the air volume is reduced, or the hepa air filter is locally penetrated,… Continue reading Filter Knowledge?

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  • 22/10/2022
    The working principle of activated carbon air filter?

    Activated carbon filter is plate type chemical filter, or chemical air filter; Different from the general air filter, activated carbon air filter can remove air pollutants (such as disturbing odor, corrosive gas, toxic gas), effectively improve indoor air quality (IAQ), protect people’s health and improve product quality, widely used in a variety of centralized ventilation… Continue reading The working principle of activated carbon air filter?

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