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Stainless steel bag filter filter accuracy is how many purposes?

2023-04-28 Page view : 36 views

The higher the accuracy, the smaller the number of eyes; The smaller the accuracy, the larger the number of eyes.

The filtration accuracy of stainless steel bag filter is a range, the user has high requirements for high water quality, so the precision of the filter bag is high; Poor water quality, high water production requirements, or to go through multiple filtration, then the filtration accuracy is low.

At present, the highest accuracy of the existing filter bag material is 0.45um, which can intercept most solid impurities, dust, glue, and some microorganisms.

The stainless steel bag filter previously used in reverse osmosis equipment has an accuracy range of approximately 1-600um and a mesh number of 30-12500.

Stainless steel bag filter precision and what factors are related

1 filter bag material, different material performance is different, to achieve high precision, soft and decomposable degree must be high, like stainless steel mesh filter bag, precision can not be high. And the PP material of the filter bag, the accuracy can generally do about 1um. (Shanghai Stainless steel bag filter manufacturer)

2. Cleaning frequency, all mechanical filtration, is to intercept pollutants, a long time, the filter bag will be polluted, it needs to be cleaned, cleaning times exceed a certain degree, the performance of the filter bag will be reduced, the accuracy will be reduced. (Shanghai Stainless steel bag filter manufacturer)

3. Intake water quality, no matter what filter medium, intake water quality has an important impact on it, the worse the water quality, the heavier the load of the filter bag, the shorter the service life of the filter bag, the lower the accuracy.

4. The stability of the system affects the accuracy of all filtration equipment. The more stable the system is, the more stable the filtering accuracy of bag filter is