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Shanghai high efficiency filter manufacturer

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First of all, we would like to remind customers that the most fundamental and simplest way to extend the service life of the high efficiency filter is to keep dust out of the pre-filter. In other words, ensure that the air flow exposed to the HEPA air filter is the air filtered by the pre-filter, coarse filter and medium air filter. At this time, the air should meet the standard of 99.95% small dust particles and low pollution.

It should be noted here that replacing the pre-filter generally does not require stopping production or other normal work plans and arrangements. After installation, it can ensure the normal operation of air conditioning fresh air equipment without debugging. So experienced customers will focus on the pre-filter. For highly clean areas such as class 10000 and class 100000 clean workshop or operating room, F8 filtration (colorimetric 95%) can be used for pre-filtration.

In this way, the service life of the terminal HEPA filter can generally reach 5 years. In foreign projects and domestic new projects. F8 filters are the most common pre filters for non-uniform flow cleanrooms. For class 100, Class 10 or higher clean buildings in chip plants, the common efficiency level of the prefilter is H10 (MPPS85%), and many new projects simply choose HEPA (filtration efficiency for 0.37m particles ≥99.97%). In the past clean room air conditioning system design in China, the common configuration of the filter is: coarse effect → medium effect → high efficiency. At that time, end-use HEPA filters had a service life of 1-3 years, with the worst being a few months. It can be seen that the service life of the end filter is determined by the pre-filtration efficiency. (medium air filter manufacturer)

In some cases, the provisions for the use of high efficiency filters are not out of consideration of resistance, but other factors, if there is hydrofluoric acid in the workshop, and the workshop air conditioning is not a full fresh air system, the glass fiber filter paper of the high efficiency filter will be corroded by the return air. For safety, the HEPA filter must be replaced regularly. At present, some of the third class A hospitals and pharmaceutical factories in China will take the initiative to replace high efficiency filters after the rainy season every year, the main purpose is to prevent any possible mold pollution on the filters.

In some countries, Class 3A hospitals, biological laboratories of pharmaceutical factories and laboratories dealing with dangerous goods will use new HEPA filters to ensure safety and reliability before starting a new health project.