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Reasons affecting the accuracy of liquid filter bag?

2023-03-17 Page view : 214 views

Liquid filter bag, as one of the components of the filter, is undoubtedly a very key link in the filtration process. It is called the heart of the filter, because it determines the filtering effect of users to a large extent. Filter bag material variety, complete specifications. Can be targeted to meet the application of various fields.

1. Needle felt microporous non-woven filter material can not measure the aperture, how should we measure the accuracy?

Can directly measure the filter surface aperture value, that is, the precision of the filter. But it is impossible to determine the exact value of needle felt microporous non-woven filter material, so the conventional calibration method is to use the corresponding gram weight, thickness and air permeability to calibrate a class of standards, as a certain relative accuracy. Each material supplier has different standards, but each batch of materials should have strict industry characteristics and complete test data. When the filter bag provided by your filter bag supplier is labeled as 5um, this accuracy is only a relative filtration accuracy, which does not mean that the accuracy of the filter bag is the exact aperture of 5um. Therefore, the accuracy of the filter bag on the market is only a relative value, and it needs to be improved in order to achieve absolute accuracy. (liquid filter bag manufacturer)

2, the product life is short, the same precision why the service life is different?

It is important to know that the service life of the filter material is closely related to the air permeability of the material, the air permeability of the material is low, the original pressure difference of the product is small, the pressure is slow, the natural life is long, and vice versa. In addition, the filter material surface treatment process control also has an impact on its life. Needled felt is a rigorous surface calcination process. If excessive pursuit of surface smoothness occurs, the melted fibers will block the filter channel, which will naturally reduce the permeability of the liquid, increase the pressure drop of the filter material, and ultimately reduce the service life of the liquid filter bag. Therefore, the smooth surface of the cloth does not mean that the cloth will work well. For screen filter material, such as nylon screen, it depends on the production of nylon screen manufacturers, the aperture produced is more uniform, uniform aperture cloth will filter more uniform, so that the pressure of the filter bag is even, the service life of the filter bag is longer. (liquid filter bag manufacturer)

3. The filter bag marked with the same accuracy, but why are the filtering results different?

In fact, the accuracy marked on the nylon liquid filter bag is strictly the nominal accuracy of the material, which is different from the accuracy in the real sense and can only be used as a reference for grade classification. When selecting a liquid filter bag, it is very important to ask what the filtration efficiency is at this precision, which is ignored by most users. Therefore, the same material is labeled 1um. Because the weight of the press cloth produced by each supplier is somewhat different, so the air permeability is different, so the filtration efficiency may be very different, and the use effect of course is also very different. (liquid filter bag manufacturer)