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Precautions for the Selection of Cover Plate Mesh Pre-Filter

2021-12-01 Page view : 143 views

Product Features:

1.) High dust holding capacity

2.) Low resistance

3.) The plate filter adopts a lightweight plate structure, polyester synthetic fiber, low initial resistance, and good fire resistance.

4.) Efficiency: G3, G4 (EN779)


Structure Description:

It adopts a plate-type aluminum alloy frame, equipped with ABS plastic corners or aluminum alloy corners, and the structure is stable.

The use of mesh-covered polyester fiber filter material enables the product to have lower resistance and greater dust holding capacity.



1.) Pre-filtration of general air-conditioning and ventilation systems to avoid dust pollution inside the system

2.) Pre-filtration of large air compressor

3.) Clean room centralized ventilation and air-conditioning system and return air filtration to extend the service life of the post filter

4.) The pre-filtering of the ventilation system of the general industrial plant meets the general clean air requirements