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Plate Disposable Filter

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Product Features:

1.) Excellent performance, sturdy structure, high pleated design

2.) Imported fluffy filter material, large dust holding capacity, good general performance

3.) Filter grade: G4 (EN779)


Product Structure Description:

The structure of M-DP is simple and strong. The combination of cardboard and filter material cut by double-layer hard molds forms a complete set of structural patterns. The cardboard is moisture-proof, high-temperature resistant, and each intersection is tightly bonded to the filter material, which enhances the firmness of the filter and helps to maintain the flatness of the pleated filter material and the balance of the pleated layer spacing.

M-DP filter paper is a special mixture composed of non-woven fabric and synthetic fiber. It has a fluffy structure, large dust holding capacity and low initial resistance. The filter material is tightly combined with a layer of expanded metal wire mesh, and is processed into a filter material pleated layer of equal height and equal spacing by a special process, allowing air to pass through in a balanced manner, so that dust can be evenly adsorbed on the entire filter material, so as to achieve a higher capacity. The amount of dust. The expanded metal mesh enhances the strength of the filter pleats, and reduces the jitter of the filter pleats during use, thereby reducing secondary pollution.

M-DP can be divided into three performance levels according to the density of the pleats: DP30, DP20, and DP10.


Product Usage:

1.) Pre-filtration of air conditioning and ventilation systems to avoid dust accumulation in the system and pre-filtration of large air compressors

2.) Clean room centralized ventilation and air conditioning system and return air filtration to extend the service life of the post filter

3.) The ventilation system of ordinary industrial workshops meets the general clean air requirements

4.) Coarse dust filtration system for air conditioning in general buildings