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Maintenance of makeshift hospital air filter?

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The cabin environment of the mobile shelter is built in accordance with the specifications of the enhanced secondary biosafety laboratory, which has very strict requirements on the cabin environment (such as temperature and humidity, indoor and outdoor pressure difference, air flow, press cleanliness, etc.). Among them, the air conditioning system of the shelter is an important factor to ensure that the cabin environment meets the requirements of the biosafety code. Temperature, humidity and wind pressure are important factors to reflect the environment of the clean room. The value change is the barometer of the ventilation system of the clean room, and is also an important basis for replacing the high efficiency filter. If the temperature and humidity meter and differential pressure gauge that can not correctly reflect the real data, the ventilation system can not effectively control, low air pressure makes the low level of clean room (area) of the wind flow backward to the high level room (area), wind pressure is too high and can cause unsafe factors to the production of construction, increased energy consumption, reducing the working life of ventilation equipment, The accuracy of the experiment in the shelter will also be affected by the high or low temperature and humidity. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal use of mobile shelter, ensure the safety of samples, environmental safety and personnel safety, the maintenance requirements of the shelter should be strictly followed by users and managers.

Maintenance of makeshift hospital air filter

The air filter used in clean air conditioning system will reach its maximum allowable dust capacity and air resistance after a period of operation. At this time, it must be replaced, otherwise the clean air conditioning system will not be able to operate normally, resulting in the reduction of air supply volume, insufficient wind speed and ventilation times, and the clean room will not be able to achieve the use effect. Before removing the HEPA filter, protective measures should be taken for indoor equipment to prevent the dust accumulated in the air duct, plenum and other places from polluting the equipment and floor after removal and removal of the end air filter. When replacing the air filter at all levels in the clean air conditioning system, attention should be paid to: Under what circumstances should all levels of air filters used in clean air conditioning systems be replaced, they should be determined according to their specific conditions. The replacement of fresh air filter (coarse effect) and intermediate air filter (medium effect) can be carried out when the air resistance is 1.5-2 times of the initial resistance value.

Cause of filter blockage

Low efficiency filter generally use coarse fiber filter material, the gap between the fibers is large, too much resistance may blow the dust on the filter, in this case, the filter resistance does not increase, but the filtration efficiency is reduced, so we should strictly control the final resistance value of the coarse filter! The dirtier the filter, the faster the resistance increases.

Too high resistance does not mean that the service life of the filter will increase, too high resistance will make the air volume of the air conditioning system sharply reduced. Too much resistance is undesirable.

The filter material of high efficiency air filter is ultrafine glass fiber, and the filtration efficiency reaches more than 99.99%. It is because of its high filtration efficiency, if the filtration is not completed, it will lead to the life of the high efficiency filter is reduced. It is mainly caused by the blockage of large dust particles