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Introduction of materials and characteristics of medium-efficiency bag filters?

2022-05-26 Page view : 111 views

The medium-efficiency bag filter has a large effective filtration area, large dust holding capacity, small resistance and large ventilation; the frame and support frame can be reused, and only the filter bag needs to be replaced when replacing the filter, which is convenient and fast, greatly reducing the operation time. Cost. It is used in filtration systems in the electronics, pharmaceutical, medical, food and other industries.


Medium-efficiency filters are generally installed in central air-conditioning systems, and some are also installed in mechanical equipment. This product is characterized by large dust holding capacity, long service life, easy installation, low price and low cost, and is an intermediate filter. Product (Pocket Filter Air Filter Raw Material Manufacturer). It is mainly used in intermediate filtration of central air-conditioning ventilation systems, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, electronics, food, and other industrial purification; it can also be used as a front-end filter for high-efficiency filtration to reduce the load of high-efficiency filtering and prolong its service life; due to the large windward surface, Therefore, the amount of air dust is large and the wind speed is low, which is considered to be a better medium-efficiency filter structure.


Medium-Efficiency Bag Filter Material and Performance:

1.) Outer frame: galvanized frame, aluminum frame, stainless steel frame, 21mm, 25mm thick flange.

2.) Inner frame: galvanized inner frame strip + galvanized card strip

3.) Filter material: chemical fiber (human fiber)


Features ff Clean Room Medium-Efficiency Bag Filter:

1.) The outer frame is mainly made of aluminum frame and galvanized frame; the thickness is 21mm 25mm 46mm;

2.) The electrostatic fiber contained in the filter material has a particularly good effect on dust filtration, with high dust capture rate and high air permeability, and has a long service life;

3.) Each filter bag is fixed with a metal strip to increase the strength of the filter screen and prevent the filter bag from breaking due to the friction of the wind when the filter bag is at high wind speed;

4.) The frame and support frame can be reused, and the replacement of the filter bag is convenient and quick, which greatly reduces the operating cost.


Under the condition of rated air volume, the filter needs to be replaced in 3-4 months, or when the resistance of the filter reaches 400Pa or more, the filter must be replaced; if the filter uses a washable filter material, replace the filter material, it can be rinsed with clean water or a solution containing neutral detergent and dried. It is recommended to clean 1-2 times, that is, replace the filter with a new one. If the dust concentration in the environment is high, the service life will be reduced.