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How to clean the air filter of the air conditioning unit?

2022-11-11 Page view : 285 views

With the progress of science and technology and the rapid development of industry, air filters have been more and more known to people, so what are the cleaning procedures of junior high efficiency filters? What are the cleaning equipment, cleaning conditions, and plot content? Let’s learn about these common solutions from Shanghai SFFILTECH. SFFILTECH manufacturer reminds the majority of customers, for the cleaning of air filter, the main cleaning equipment is the trough, dishcloth, dish soap and stainless steel frame.

The final resistance of the primary and middle effect filter is more than 2 times of the initial resistance. When the surface of the filter is not very dirty, take the filter outdoors and blow it with clean compressed air on both sides until there are no dust particles in the light with your eyes. For the filter surface is very dirty, need to wash. In the general area of the water production room (air conditioning room) with a tank into about 100 kilograms of water, dilute 1 kilogram bottle of dishwashing liquid, put the filter into the tank to be submerged in water. Rinse for several times, until there is no pollution, rinse with clean water until the water is clear, take out the stainless steel grid to drag the air dry water, and then spread on the shelf to dry in the sun, to double turn frequently to speed up the drying speed.

For the cleaning of the surface of the unit, every day with a rag to the outer surface of the air conditioning box and attached pipelines, instruments for comprehensive cleaning, so that the equipment clean and bright. The oil and glue on the equipment should be wiped off with a cloth dip detergent, and then wiped clean with drinking water, leaving no traces. For the internal cleaning of the air conditioning system after each replacement of the primary and medium effect filter, the air conditioning unit internal fan, wall panel, cooler, heater and scatter plate should be thoroughly cleaned, clean dirt, dust, oil stains, shall not leave a dead Angle, and then install the primary and medium effect filter.

Remind the majority of users, the air filter should be cleaned inside the system once every half a month is appropriate, first with a wet rag to wipe the interior, and then with a dry rag for comprehensive cleaning. When replacing the HEPA filter, it is necessary to wipe three times repeatedly. After wiping, the HEPA filter should be installed immediately. When installing the filter, the four frames and the surrounding areas should be wiped clean with a wet clean cloth.