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How to buy air purification equipment?

2022-07-23 Page view : 100 views

Air purification equipment can effectively filter the dust and impurities in the air to improve the quality of indoor air. The current air pollution is getting more and more serious, although it brings inconvenience to our life, but also promotes the rapid development of air purification equipment production industry, due to the huge market potential, the market has more and more air purification equipment manufacturers, bringing more choices to consumers, but often when there are more choices, it is more difficult to make a decision. The following SFFILTECH will introduce you what you need to pay attention to when choosing air purification equipment.

1.Filter material

HEPA filter is one of the best filtering materials in the world, it can filter air with particle size above 03 microns, if there are more impurities in the outdoor air, then this type of air purification equipment is a good choice. purification equipment is a good choice.

2. Purification efficiency.

Different types of air purification equipment, purification efficiency will often exist some differences. If the indoor space is larger, then the purification efficiency of the air purification equipment will be higher, you should choose the unit purification air volume is relatively large equipment. Take a room of 15 square meters as an example, the unit purification air volume of air purification equipment is 120 cubic meters per hour.

3.Service life

The service life of air purification equipment has a great influence on the later investment of the equipment. Due to the lack of relevant standards in the industry, the quality of air purification equipment in the market varies, and some air purification equipment has its own surface, although the price of such equipment is cheaper, but often has a shorter service life, taking into account the overall spending, may need to invest more.

4. Demand

Different companies have different filtration needs, so when choosing air purification equipment, it is important to consider whether the equipment can meet the needs. Air purification equipment with too low efficiency will make the air quality not reach the standard, and in serious cases, it will also affect the normal operation of the enterprise. The high efficiency of air purification equipment, although it has good filtration effect, but the price is often higher, which will cause unnecessary waste.

SFFILTECH reminds you that it is very important to choose the right air purification equipment for your company, so that you can not only achieve the ideal filtration effect, but also avoid wasting money and use it in a more useful way.