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How to arrange the clean shed FFU and what materials to use?

2022-11-25 Page view : 55 views

FFU fan filter unit can be modularized and connected. FFU is widely used in 100 level clean shed, clean room, clean workbench, clean production line, assembled clean room and local 100 level applications.

One hundred level clean shed FFU fan filter unit is equipped with a primary effect filter and a high efficiency filter.

The fan draws the air from the top of FFU and filters it through the primary effect filter and high efficiency filter. The filtered clean air is sent out uniformly at the wind speed of 0.45M/S±20% on the whole air outlet surface. Suitable for obtaining a high level of clean environment in all kinds of environments.

It provides high-quality clean air for clean rooms and microenvironments of different sizes and cleanliness levels.

In the renovation and renovation of the new clean room and clean workshop, the 100-level clean shed FFU can improve the cleanliness level, reduce noise and vibration, and also greatly reduce the cost. It is convenient to install and maintain. It is an ideal part for a clean environment.

What are the materials of one hundred level clean shed, one thousand level clean shed and ten thousand level clean shed group?

There are generally three kinds of clean shed frame: stainless steel square pass, iron square pass, aluminum profile.

There are generally three kinds of materials for the top of the clean shed: stainless steel plate, cold-rolled steel plate spray, anti-static mesh curtain, and plexiglass.

For the clean air supply part, FFU laminar flow hood (FFU fan filter unit) is generally selected.

The enclosure materials of clean shed generally include: anti-static curtain, (anti-static) organic glass.

The design concept of clean shed has been mentioned in the functional definition of “the main production process control in a smaller environment is also the choice of clean shed design” in fact, this is the application concept of clean shed, less investment, control of the main process part, because the control point is higher, so the general design of clean work shed clean grade is also very high, generally ISO5 level, 4 level, the majority, There are a few that use level 6.

Clean shed is a kind of local high clean environment air purification equipment. The clean shed is mainly composed of the box, the fan, the primary effect air filter, the damping layer, the lamp and so on. The shell is sprayed with plastic. The product can be suspended and supported on the ground. It has a compact structure and is easy to use. It can be used single or multiple connections to form banded clean areas.

Clean shed is also referred to as clean shed, clean room, etc. Generally, the diaphragm is used, so it is more appropriate to call the clean shed. It is not polluted, and it is also the most appropriate to understand the clean shed.

Clean shed can be quickly built into a simple clean room, clean room, which has the characteristics of fast installation, short construction period, low price, convenient movement and so on. It is also the choice of clean shed design to control the main production process in a smaller environment.