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How many kinds of air filters are made of different materials?

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(1) Styrofoam Filter

Foam filters use polyethylene or polyester foam filters. The foam is chemically treated in advance to penetrate the internal stomata film, so that it has a series of connected pores. When the dust-laden airflow passes through, the dust adheres to the hole wall due to inertia, diffusion, etc., so that the air is purified. The internal structure of the foam is similar to the loofah, and the pore size is about 200μm~300μm.

Foamed plastics should not be in contact with organic solvents such as acetone, butanone, ethyl acetate, carbon tetrachloride, ether, etc., otherwise it is easy to expand and damage. Resistant to weak acids and bases. Gasoline, machine oil, lubricating oil, etc. have no effect on it.


(2) Fiber-Filled Filter

Fiber-filled filters consist of a frame and filter media. According to the different requirements for purification efficiency and resistance, various fibers of different thicknesses should be used as fillers, such as glass fibers (about 10 μm in diameter), synthetic fibers (polystyrene) and so on. Packing density has a large effect on efficiency and resistance. Filtration thickness and filling density need to be determined according to specific requirements.


(3) Fiber Felt Filter

This filter is a non-woven fabric (felt) made of various fibers (such as polyester, vinylon, etc.) as the filter material. It is usually made into bag type or roll-to-flex type.

The bag-type fiber felt filter is made of non-woven filter material into a folded or V-shaped filter bag to expand the filtering area and reduce the filtering wind speed. It has high purification efficiency and is often used as a medium-efficiency filter. This filter has many shapes. The filtration air volume of each monomer is about 200m3/h, and the filtration air speed is about 20cm/s. The weight efficiency of artificial dust is 80%.

The automatic scroll filter can use foam plastic or non-woven cloth as the filter material, and each roll of filter material is about 20m long. The filter is composed of upper and lower boxes, vertical frame, material blocking bar, transmission mechanism and filter material roll. After the filter material accumulates dust, it can be automatically scrolled and updated until the entire roll of filter material is completely dusty, and then removed and replaced. Each roll of filter media can usually be used for 8 months to 1 year.


(4) Paper Filter

Paper filter is a kind of sub-efficient and high-efficiency filter. The filter paper used for filtering is:

① Plant cellulose filter paper (used for sub-high-efficiency filter)

② Blue asbestos fiber filter paper (used as high-efficiency filter)

Ultra-fine glass fiber filter paper (can be used for sub-high and high-efficiency filters).


Due to the high resistance of the filter paper and its low filtration wind speed, in order to increase the filtering area, the filter paper can be made into a folded type and separated by a corrugated separator in the middle. The separator can be made of high-quality kraft paper by hot rolling, and can also be made of plastic or aluminum. The outer frame can be made of wood, plastic, aluminum, steel and other materials.