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How does a HEPA filter distinguish between a baffle and a non-baffle?

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High efficiency air filter is mainly used to catch 0.5um below the particle dust and a variety of suspended matter. High efficiency air filter production raw materials mainly use ultrafine glass fiber paper as filter material, offset paper, aluminum film and other materials as segmentation plate, and wood frame aluminum alloy gluing. Each set has been tested by nano flame method, with high filtration efficiency, low resistance, large dust capacity and other characteristics. High EFFICIENCY air filter can be widely used in optical electronics, LCD liquid crystal manufacturing, biomedicine, precision instruments, beverages, food, PCB printing and other industries of dust-free purification workshop air conditioning end supply. Efficient filters and the ultra high efficiency filters are used in the clean room terminal and a variety of purification equipment, in the form of the structure can be divided into: a hepa filter, hepa filter without separators, big air volume high efficiency filter, super high efficiency filter, etc., have a hepa filter hepa filter with no difference between the practice of production technology and partition.

Differences and similarities between HEPA filters with and without separator

Hepa filters can be divided into: HEPA filters with separator and HEPA filters without separator.

High efficiency filter with clapboard is made of ultrafine glass fiber as filter material, cardboard, aluminum and platinum as separator, and wood frame or aluminum frame glue, with high filtration efficiency, low resistance, large air volume, widely used in a variety of local purification equipment and clean workshop.

Non-clapboard HEPA filter is made of ultrafine glass fiber as filter material, hot melt glue as separator, and all kinds of frame assembly, the outer frame is beautiful, compared with the clapboard HEPA filter, under the same air volume, has the advantages of small size, light weight, compact structure, reliable performance and so on.

Actual and nominal dimensions of HEPA with and without separator

There is no separator high efficiency filter actual size and nominal size, because the nominal size is including the outer frame and filter media filter, and the actual size of the general removal of the outer frame, only calculate the width, height, depth and filter media area.

Standard folding number, folding height, and formula conversion of HEPA filter material with and without separator

Hepa air filters filter paper folding has high usually shorter than the height of the nominal size 30 mm ~ 34 mm or so, the fold number mainly by clapboard tightness of paper and filter paper and diaphragm assembly, clapboard paper radian calculation according to the standard, generally for the 4 mm, less than 4 mm, has the barrier several more, in addition to the loose assembly, the results backfire, The number of separator is less, and the folding number of filter paper without separator is mainly determined by the folding height of filter paper and the closeness of filter paper.