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How about an industrial air filter?

2022-05-18 Page view : 105 views

The application of air filters in our real life is very extensive, whether it is a small family or a factory. It mainly introduces the relevant content of industrial air filters.


Industrial air purifier refers to air purification equipment that can effectively remove dust in the factory workshop, remove odor and odor in the factory workshop, and at the same time can sterilize, remove odor, remove odor, and have good dust removal effects. Commonly used are a variety of air purification products such as ink workshop deodorizer, factory odor remover, printing workshop air purifier, and workshop special air purifier. The main feature of industrial air purifiers is that they are specially designed for purification equipment used in industrial environments such as factories and workshops. used in industrial sites.


At the same time, industrial air purifiers require relatively advanced technology, which can remove dust and odor in factory workshops and remove odors. Shanghai SFFILTECH air manufacturer (air filter v bank hepa filter manufacturer) has fully integrated various international and domestic advanced technologies for waste gas treatment, thoroughly It has changed the relatively simple waste gas treatment practices such as activated carbon and other industrial air purifiers in the past. It has strong pertinence and is currently the leading industrial air purification product.


The structure of the air filter

The compressed air flowing in from the inlet is introduced into the deflector. There are evenly distributed helical teeth similar to fan blades on the deflector, forcing the high-speed flowing compressed air to generate strong rotation along the tangential direction of the teeth. The liquid water, oil and larger impurities mixed in the air are separated under the action of strong centrifugal force, thrown onto the inner wall of the water cup, and flowed to the bottom of the water cup. The compressed air that removes liquid water, oil and larger impurities is further filtered through the filter element to remove tiny solid particles, and then the clean compressed air is output from the outlet.


In industrial production, great attention is paid to the requirements of filtration. Both air and media need to be filtered and pretreated. Compared with civilian applications, industrial air filters have much larger equipment and larger air volumes. The feature is that they can effectively remove dust. The impact of odors on industrial production.