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How about an industrial air filter?

2022-11-05 Page view : 79 views

The application of air filter in our real life is very wide, whether it is a small family, or factory enterprises have a very good application, the role of industrial air filter is to filter out harmful dust and gas through the filter device, we will mainly introduce the relevant content of industrial air filter.

Industrial air purifier refers to the air purification equipment that can effectively remove the dust in the factory floor, remove the odor of the factory floor, and at the same time, it can sterilize, remove the odor, remove the odor and remove the dust. Common ink workshop deodorizer, factory odor remover, printing workshop in addition to odor air purifier, workshop in addition to odor special air purifier and other air purification products. The main characteristic of industrial air purifier is purification equipment used specifically for industrial environment such as factories, workshops and other places. The air volume is generally required to be 10 times that of civil air purifier, and civil air purifier is generally small and cannot be used in large industrial fields.

Industrial air purifier also asked that the technology is more advanced, it can remove the odor, in addition to the factory workshop dust smell, Shanghai SFFILTECH air filter manufacturers comprehensive whole together the various international and domestic advanced technology waste gas treatment have been thoroughly changed the past industrial air purifier using activated carbon alone is relatively single waste gas processing method, pertinence, Is the current relatively leading industrial air purification products.

The structure of the air filter from the inlet flow of compressed air, guide plate was introduced, on the guide plate has a uniform distribution of similar fan blade helical, forcing high-speed flow of compressed air along the tangent direction of the tooth to the rotation of the strong, mixed liquid water in the air, oil, and the larger impurities in strong isolated, under the action of centrifugal force to the glass on the inner wall of Run to the bottom of the glass. Remove liquid water, oil and large impurities of compressed air, and then through the filter element further filtration, remove tiny solid particles, and then output clean compressed air from the outlet.

Industrial production is very attention to the requirements of filtration, whether air or medium need to filter pretreatment, industrial air filter compared with civil should be used, its equipment is much larger, the air volume is much larger, characterized by the ability to effectively remove dust odor for industrial production impact.