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Galvanized frame bag type air filter has small operation resistance and good purification effect?

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Now the problem of environmental purification has been paid attention to, most families are using air purifiers and other household appliances, many factories and workshops have also used air purification equipment, has solved the problem of workshop air clean, first galvanized frame bag air filter as an intermediate filter is essential, decontamination and purification effect is good, it operates with little resistance, The acceleration obtained by the appearance of the time-division filter bag is much greater than that of other types of equipment, and the cleaning is more uniform and the effect is very good. The specific use is detailed for you:

Galvanized frame bag air filter

Galvanized frame bag type air filter has complete specifications, can be customized, filter materials include nylon mesh, non-woven fabric, activated carbon filter material, etc. From the shell material point of view, there are aluminum frame, galvanized frame, paper frame, strength is also gradually improved, the primary effect filter in the application site of efficient filtration installation plays a filtering role, the primary effect filter is usually installed in the front end of the air conditioning unit, filter some large dust particles, play a pre-filtration role in the medium and high efficiency, because the primary effect filter contact dust more, Therefore, the service life of it also increases the speed, so usually 1-3 months have to change a time. (Air filter manufacturer)

Galvanized frame bag type air filter mainly filters 1-5um large particle dust particles in the air, the filter can be designed according to different needs of different styles of structure, to meet customer needs, and different aluminum frame medium effect filter in the use is good interoperability, plate folding bag type can be interapplied. (Air filter manufacturer)

Galvanized frame bag air filter

Air filter is recognized by more and more people, it improves air quality and ensures people’s health, and has been widely used, such as medicine, food and other industries are inseparable from all kinds of efficiency filter.