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Filter bag “bag leakage” test method?

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Through the special electrostatic induction instrument to measure the concentration of dust to judge

Because when the bag dust filter bag is damaged, it is blown, the flow field at the damaged place will mutate, and a lot of dust will friction and escape from it. At the same time, due to the friction of dust, the escaping dust will also carry a lot of charge. It is possible to take advantage of the electrostatic properties of the escaped dust and use special electrostatic induction meters to accurately measure the dust concentration.

The injection timing and dust concentration are used to judge

The difference of pressure is used to judge whether to start spraying, the interval of spraying and the cycle of spraying. The dust concentration changes periodically within the cycle of spraying, and there is an obvious peak in one of the cycles. According to the timing sequence of spraying, the pulse timing sequence of the part that exceeds the standard of dust can be determined. Thus quickly find cloth bag filter “bag leakage” dust filter bag.(Shanghai dust filter bag manufacturer)

These two ways can be very convenient to find the work of the bag filter “bag leakage” situation, so that you can quickly find the cause, replace the filter bag, can greatly reduce the impact of the fault of the bag filter, but also let the business owner know the work of the bag filter, do not worry about the problem of exceeding the discharge.

In the installation of PTFE dust collector filter bag device is not in place, will lead to the distance between the bag and the box is too small, cloth bag dust collector when running friction, so as long as the timely adjustment of the spacing between the two can be.

Before installing the filter bag, it is necessary to check whether the filter bag is damaged. If it is damaged, it should be replaced in time.

The filter bag of external filter is damaged because of the poor quality of the frame. For example, some burrs on the frame will reduce the service life of the filter bag. The manufacturer of cloth filter can use the frame with fewer nodes or after spraying and electroplating.

Hydrolysis and corrosion of acid and alkali strengthen thermal insulation heating measures to reduce corrosion as far as possible.

In the choice of bag filter bag first understand the flue gas in the plant, such as whether it is a corrosive gas, whether it is a high temperature gas and so on, before using the filter bag to choose suitable for their own plant in the filter bag.(Shanghai dust filter bag manufacturer)

If the spark enters the box and burns the filter bag, set a pre-cloth bag dust collector. If there is a pre-dust collector, it can avoid the spark entering the box(Shanghai dust filter bag manufacturer)