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Features of hepa filters with high temperature resistance

2022-07-18 Page view : 84 views

Air filters are air filtration devices, generally used in clean workshops, clean plants, clean operating rooms

It is also used for dust control of electronic machinery and communication equipment. There are five types of filters: coarse filter, medium filter, high and medium efficiency filter and sub-high efficiency and high efficiency filter. The various models have different standards and efficiency.


The SFFILTECH hepa filters are made of glass fibre or ultra-fine glass fibre filter paper, aluminium foil spacer, stainless steel frame and special high temperature resistant sealant. The wedge-shaped box pleat prevents the filter paper from breaking.


Features of SFFILTECH high temperature resistant hepa filters:

1.) 1.5-2.00mm stainless steel outer frame with unique frame design to increase the overall strength.

2.) 0.03mm aluminium foil spacer with rounded corrugated grooves not only protects the filter paper from damage, but also reduces the resistance to uniform wind speed.

3.) High quality glass fibre filter paper with 4mm spacing increases the filtering area with high dust capacity and low resistance and high filtration efficiency.

4.) Single-component adhesive long-term 260 degrees high temperature use, wedge mouth temperature-resistant sealing strip to prevent leakage.

5.) Glass fiber filter media, high temperature resistant special rubber gasket.

6.) High temperature resistant hepa filter for instantaneous maximum temperature up to 300 degrees, constant temperature up to about 260 degrees, stable and reliable performance.


SFFILTECH high temperature high efficiency air filter product features.

1.) Use of internationally renowned brands of filter media, filtration efficiency up to F9-H14, SFFILTECH is a leading high temperature hepa filter manufacturer and is a good choice.

2.) Ensure high efficiency level can reach 99.99%@0.3um under rated airflow.

3.) High temperature resistant hepa filter can be used under 300℃ high temperature environment.

4.) Maximum use of filter media at minimum resistance.

5.) A wide range of frame materials and thickness requirements are available.