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Common problems of medium effect filter?

2022-11-11 Page view : 277 views

Medium efficiency filter in the daily use process will inevitably encounter failure, if we find the failure of medium efficiency filter, what should we do? How to troubleshoot the cause of the failure? In this article, we will talk about the possible causes and solutions of intermediate filter failure.

When we find that the intermediate filter is faulty, we need to stop the operation of the equipment and investigate the cause of the intermediate filter problem. There are many reasons for the failure of medium-effect filter. Only when we know the cause of the failure, can we solve the problem according to the symptoms and take precautions in the future. In the event of equipment failure, you can screen the fault causes according to the following aspects:

1. Equipment components and corrosion hydraulic power cause equipment failure.

Two, in the process of operation, the efficiency air filter, because the overall sealing of the equipment is not enough, resulting in leakage and failure.

3. Other external factors lead to damage of medium air filter

4. The equipment where the medium effect filter is located is damaged, leading to the leakage of other air damaging to the medium effect filter.

In the face of the above problems, we can use the corresponding solutions:

1. Regular screening of medium-effect air filters, and replacement or cleaning of those unqualified filters or those that have lost their filtering effect before use.

2. The user can make a system maintenance plan and execute it strictly according to the plan.

Three, it is necessary to check regularly whether there are leakage points in the system, if found, it needs to be solved in time.

Four, regularly check whether there is damage to the external environment of the efficiency filter (such as the dry filter box)

In the daily use process, users need to maintain the equipment used by the medium-effect filter to avoid the occurrence of the above faults. There is no need to panic in the event of failure. The above methods can be used to solve the problem.