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Basic maintenance tips for high temperature air filters

When it comes to high temperature air filters, I think people living in the 21st century may know it better than me. You may have heard the term high temperature resistant air filters. A kind of purification equipment that can give full play to its performance under the premise of Its main use is in equipment such as ultra-clean ovens and equipment and systems that require high temperature air purification. Do you know some habits to pay attention to when using high temperature air filters?

Generally speaking, each product of high temperature resistant air filter is put on the market after strict testing, so it can be used with confidence and safety. The components of the high temperature resistant air filter are very simple, that is, the ultra-fine glass fiber paper is used as the filter material, the aluminum foil is used as the separator, the stainless steel frame is used as the frame and the imported high temperature resistant sealant is sealed and assembled. Regardless of any filtering equipment, how should we maintain the high temperature air filter?

1. Generally speaking, for the hydraulic pressure of high temperature resistant air filter, it is enough to replace the hydraulic oil once a year. When replacing, the hydraulic system should be completely cleaned.

2. Under normal circumstances, the working pressure of the high temperature resistant air filter hydraulic station is less than the maximum working pressure of the oil cylinder, but the minimum can not be lower than the allowable value of the filter pressure.

3. Generally speaking, the high temperature resistant air filter mechanically presses the transmission parts, and the gear box must be lubricated with enough lubricating oil to ensure its good function.

The last thing that needs to be added is some issues that should be paid attention to in the use of high temperature air filters. Under normal circumstances, the glue curing time of the high temperature filter is within one week. Since the organic silica gel and inorganic glue used in the high temperature air filter are cured from the surface in the curing process, especially the thicker the glue injection height, the harder it is to cure. Just imagine that if the incompletely cured high-temperature high-efficiency filter is directly loaded into the high-temperature equipment for normal use, the high-temperature glue will crack and the glue will detach from the outer frame. Therefore, we must pay attention to its correct maintenance in the usual maintenance. Sffiltech – A popular high temperature air filters company. Please contact us.