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Air filter element material category?

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Air filter element material category?

The reason why the air filter can filter the dust particles in the air, so that the air level of the clean room in the dust-free workshop reaches the standard, the most important thing is the filter cotton in the filter.

Filter cotton according to the filtration efficiency level of several commonly used G3, G4, F7, F8, H13, H14, simple distinction for the initial effect, medium effect, sub-high efficiency, high efficiency, according to different materials can be divided into synthetic fiber filter cotton, non-woven fabric filter cotton, glass fiber filter cotton, activated carbon filter cotton and other 4 kinds, Below we will respectively explain the properties and applications of these 4 different materials filter cotton.

One, synthetic fiber filter cotton

In the general common filter environment, it can comprehensively replace the non-woven fabric and glass fiber covered initial effect air filter, medium effect bag type air filter, high efficiency air filter full series of filter products, is a new emerging filter material, but also the main development direction of the future filter material. Compared with other filtration materials of the same level, it has the advantages of small resistance, light weight, large capacity, environmental protection (can be burned), moderate price and so on. The disadvantage is poor hygroscopicity.

polyester fiber (polyester fibre) is the main raw material, abbreviation: PET, polyester fiber is made of polyethylene terephthalate, also known as synthetic fiber or polyester.

Polyester has excellent wrinkle resistance, elasticity and dimensional stability, good electrical insulation, sun resistance, friction resistance, mildew and moth resistance, good chemical resistance, weak acid and alkali resistance.

Industry name: chemical fiber, chemical fiber and small chemical fiber, chemical fiber refers to the polyester fiber with high quality PET slice production. Small chemical fiber refers to some small and medium-sized manufacturers with poor quality recycled material PET slice production of fiber.

Two, non-woven filter cotton

The academic name polyester fiber, commonly known as non-woven fabric, non-woven fabric has the use of extensive, mature technology, good stability and other technical characteristics, is the primary effect air filter, Chinese style bag air filter typical filter material at present.

The manufacturing process is made of melt blowing, needling, spunbonding and other processes through multiple processes. Compared with other filter materials of the same level, it has the advantages of stable quality, large dust capacity, strong moisture resistance, long service life, economic and durable.

Non-woven fabric is also the earliest application of filtration materials, mature technology, low production cost, in recent years due to the continuous development of technology, the appearance of composite non-woven fabric greatly improve the non-woven fabric cheap low grade image, in efficiency has been able to achieve sub-efficient. At the same time, composite non-woven filter material can also be used for air cleanliness relatively high requirements of the place of filtration.

Three, glass fiber filter cotton

Glass fiber filter cotton is mainly made of various thickness, length and length of glass fiber by special processing technology.

Glass fiber with its stable performance, high temperature resistance, high efficiency, large capacity, long service life and other characteristics. Generally used in high efficiency air filters.

And in some special circumstances only glass fiber can be competent. It is widely used in the initial effect air filter, high temperature resistant air filter and high efficiency filter of general clean room ventilation system, and in places and environments with high requirements for air filtration.

Such as for electronics, semiconductors, precision machinery, biopharmaceuticals, hospitals, food and other industries in the air cleanliness requirements of high civil or industrial clean engineering.

Four, activated carbon filter cotton

Activated carbon is known to remove odors from the air. Activated carbon filter cotton refers to synthetic fiber after carbon leaching and glue treatment. Because the role of activated carbon is to remove odor, the filtration efficiency is not emphasized. In use. It is generally necessary to cooperate with the use of independent primary and middle effect filters.