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A selection of high efficiency filters with and without partitions?

2023-02-17 Page view : 241 views

Manufacturer of high efficiency air filter

It can be divided into: high efficiency filter with separator and high efficiency filter without separator.

1. Partition high efficiency filter is made of ultrafine glass fiber as filter material, plywood paper, aluminum platinum as partition, and wood frame or aluminum alloy frame glue and made of, because of the relatively simple production, high quality and low price, widely used in clean workshop. 2, no partition board high efficiency filter is made of ultrafine glass fiber filter material, hot melt adhesive separator, and all kinds of frame assembly, beautiful frame, compared with the partition board high efficiency filter, under the same air volume, with small volume, light weight, compact structure, reliable performance and other advantages. Size with and without partition board: why high efficiency air filter has the actual size and nominal size, because the nominal size is the filter including the outer frame and filter material, and the actual size is generally removed from the outer frame, only calculate the width, height, depth and the area of the filter material. There is a separator filter generally 150mm, 220mm two kinds of thickness. No partition filter common: 50mm, 69mm, 90mm, compared to the volume, no partition filter is lighter and thinner! 1. The manufacturing process of high efficiency air filter with partition board and without partition board is relatively simple, but the disadvantages are also obvious, such as large resistance, low dust content, large volume, low production efficiency, low cost performance. The quality of different manufacturers in the whole high efficiency air filter industry is uneven, and it is difficult to carry out unified examination and management. 2, and no partition high efficiency air filter generally requires the use of automatic digital folding machine, high production equipment requirements, high production efficiency, low resistance, large dust capacity, mass production cost-effective, so it will gradually replace the partition high efficiency air filter, become the mainstream of the purification market. Advantages and disadvantages of partitions and no partitions:

With a high efficiency partition, aluminum foil, paper folded shape for filter element separator, the formation of air passage. The partition board is made of high quality kraft paper, hot rolling forming or offset paper as the partition board. Double-sided coated paper is used as the partition board, the main purpose is to prevent the partition board from shrinking under the influence of cold, hot, dry and wet, so as to send out particles. (Manufacturer of high efficiency air filter)

However, according to the experience of the industry over the years, when the temperature and humidity change, the partition paper may have large particles, resulting in unqualified cleanliness test of the dust-free workshop. Suitable for low level non – one-way flow projects with a variety of purification equipment and clean workshop. (Manufacturer of high efficiency air filter)

For places with high cleanliness requirements, customers should be recommended to use high efficiency air filters without partitions. At present, Grade A clean room generally adopts high efficiency filter without partition board, and FFU is also equipped with high efficiency filter without partition board. Compared with the diaphragm high efficiency filter, under the same air volume, it has the advantages of small volume, light weight, compact structure, reliable performance, easy installation, stable efficiency and uniform wind speed. The highly efficient design without partitions can achieve maximum efficiency with minimum resistance, thus reducing operating costs. In particular, the design of hot melt adhesive can ensure the same fold spacing, ensure the optimal flow through, while achieving high dust capacity, prolong the service life, and make full use of the filter material on the entire depth of the filter.

In addition, compared with rectangular channels with diaphragm-free filters, V-shaped channels without diaphragm-free filters further improve the uniformity of dust receptivity and extend the filter life. The clapless filter for ventilation avoids the use of metal parts and is easy to dispose of, meeting the increasingly stringent environmental requirements